Oblivion Black.jpg

Our Story

Our names are Mateo Solis and Noah Buntain and we go to a small school called St. Joan of Arc.  We wanted to do something big, something out of the ordinary, something no one has done before at our school.  That is how Oblivion was born.  We got to work immediately, utilizing the most powerful tool available to us - the internet.  Within days of its conception, our company had a name, a logo, a manufacturer, and a website. By October 2017, Oblivion became an official brand!  With the help of our fathers, we designed our first t-shirts and hoodies.  Before we knew it, the school and even the community was buzzing with all things Oblivion.  This shows how doing something out of the ordinary can truly change the way we can live.

Our Message

We want to inspire people to do something extraordinary, just like we did.  By wearing our clothes, we want people to feel like they are capable of anything.  This message has already taken effect as some teens were inspired to start their own companies after learning about our humble beginnings.  Step out of the ordinary and into OBLIVION.